Eiza Gonzalez is just coming into the Hollywood spotlight but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t always been a star. The Mexican beauty, who has already made her name on her home turf in telenovelas, will play alongside Jon Hamm, Jamie Foxx and Kevin Spacey in the new film Baby Driver, out June 28. Despite her striking looks, the 27-year-old is more modest than not. "I do not feel like a sex symbol, nor do I consider myself just the pretty girl who adorns the screen," she tells HOLA! USA exclusively. 


VER GALERÍA The Mexican beauty spoke with HOLA! USA Photo: Getty Images 

At 27, Eiza has lots to look forward to in her career and hopes to play an array of characters. In this role, she stars opposite Jon as his "partner in crime" and thief named Darling. “The most important thing for me is telling stories of interesting women, I try not to focus on 'labels', I've always tried to see how the character connects with my personality,” she shared. "I'm not interested in stereotypes, but neither do I discard the day tomorrow to work in a role of a Mexican immigrant or Latin."

HOLA! USA: What was your experience working with all these 'big shots' of Hollywood?
"I can't tell you something in particular about it, in fact everyone involved in this project made the experience to be incredible, I learned a lot from each one. It was very interesting to see how every one of us complement each other on the set. I am very excited to join this incredible cast and work with the brilliant Edgar Wright (director). This is without a doubt the most important project of my career. My character is called 'Darling', a thief and a weapons addict, also Buddy's (Jon Hamm) partner in crime."

If you could change something about yourself, what would it be?
"To be more patient and faithful... I need to have more faith and believe more in people, although I've been improving."

VER GALERÍA Eiza will star with Jon Hamm and Ansel Elgort in the new film Baby Driver Photo: Getty Images 

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What advice would you give to a 17-year-old Eiza?
"Hmm, let me think about it…I've always been risky even with fear of losing everything, but I have always come ahead. That mentality has always worked for me. I believe that the key has been that I've always believed in me even when I shouldn't have."

Is there something that you could not live without?
"I couldn't live without my family. And when I say my family, I am referring not only to blood, but all the people that have become part of my life. My manager, my publicist, obviously my mom, my brother and my nephew…My family is my emotional compass and is the most important thing that I have in my life, long before my work, success and money."

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Do you still keep things from your childhood?
"Yes, three things: a blanket that my grandmother gave me when I was a little girl. The first toy my dad had, it's a teddy bear he owned. And third, I have a nametag (like the army type) which my dad gave me shortly before he passed away. It's embroidered: 'Te Amo Pelona" (I love you Pelona)."

And lastly, you are in great shape. What's your fitness routine?   "The body is very wise and the important thing is to listen to yourself. I am very careful and aware of my lifestyle. Sometimes when I have time I try to pamper myself as best as possible."

— Interview by Marie Chalita

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