Salma Hayek’s recent pink hair in Cannes might have gone over well in the world of fashion, but it wasn’t a hit with her husband Francois-Henri Pinault. “It freaked everyone out, especially my husband,” the Beatriz at Dinner star told Stephen Colbert on Tuesday during an appearance on The Late Show. “My daughter [Valentina] was cool, she was like ‘Can I wear it after you?’ My husband was like ‘Do you really? Are you sure you want to do this?’”

The 50-year-old added, “I think I embarrassed him a little bit, but then it worked out and he couldn’t believe that I actually pulled it off. I do that all the time, I surprised him.” The actress, who married the French businessman, 55, in 2009, showed off her rosy 'do, which paired perfectly with her Gucci gown, at the Kering Women in Motion Awards dinner during the 2017 Cannes Film Festival last month.


VER GALERÍA Salma said that her pink wig at Cannes was a surprise to her husband Photo: Instagram/@salmahayek

Salma’s Cannes fun didn’t stop with her hair. The Mexican actress explained how the overwhelming presence of Latin stars led her to throwing a party. “I was so moved. We went to take a picture and they told me it was a family picture and I thought it was a picture of me and my husband," she said. “I turn around and there is over 100 of the most amazing minds in cinema and I realized that out of these ten percent of people from all over the world, ten percent were Latino and most of them are Mexican.”


The mom-of-one admitted, “I felt such a sense of pride and I was so moved that I went crazy.” Salma searched high and low around France looking for a mariachi band, tequila and mezcal. “This is 3 o’clock in the afternoon and I say to my husband, 'We need to bring a mariachi tonight, because it was the 70th anniversary of Cannes and it [was] a big gala very elegant.'”

VER GALERÍA The Beatriz at Dinner star turned one of the film festival's biggest nights into a party Photo: Getty Images 

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In the end, and much to her husband’s surprise, the Hollywood star was about to pull off her fiesta. “I waited for some of the boring people to go home and then I come in and it was amazing, it was a huge success,” Salma shared. “Everybody went crazy. Everybody was pretending they were Mexican. At first they were all sitting down very elegantly and then it turned into a cantina.”

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