The Wonder Woman herself, Gal Gadot, resists the conventional by wearing flats

Gal Gadot sure knows how to make a power move, which is perfectly fitting for the actress who plays the superhero protagonist in the new film, Wonder Woman. She’s made a point to inspire women to channel their inner Wonder Woman in their daily lives. The Israeli actress has continued to spark superhero vibes with her wardrobe choices for the red carpet and other promotional appearances for the film.

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Gal made sure to make a statement and broke all the rules of red carpet fashion when she stepped out in a gorgeous red sparkling Givenchy gown for the world premiere of Wonder Woman in Hollywood, California paired with none other than: gladiator sandals – perfectly fitting for a woman who plays a goddess in her new film. Of course, the Wonder Woman herself knows how to rock effortless glamour, leaving everyone wanting to emulate such impeccable fashion attitude. Even better, anyone wanting to borrow a little power from the star can wear the exact sandals; Gal’s flats are only $50 from Aldo.

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The woman of the moment has been looking just as immaculate in flats starring in various press events leading to the world premiere on May 25th. That same week, on Tuesday, Gal had a full day of public appearances and played around with her looks several times during the course of the day. She started the morning at Good Morning America wearing a bright cobalt blue matching two-piece that looks like a dress with black cutout flats. Later on, she changed to a soft pink dress accompanied with a different pair of black flats for AOL Live. And to end the day at AOL Build Series, the 32-year-old actress glowed in a white A.L.C dress matched with the same black cutout flats from earlier on in the day.

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Gal is definitely making a statement by doing the unconventional – most women opt for heels when it comes to public appearances. Flats are not accustomed for the most part, but it does not mean it’s any less chic. The mother of two proves that no matter who you are, you should wear what makes you feel the best—and if for Gal it means to wear flats, then all the power to her!

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