Emeraude Toubia talks perfect night with Prince Royce and what every single girl should know about first date style

Emeraude Toubia and Prince Royce’s relationship is all about special moments. “Every time there is time, we just see each other,” the actress told HOLA! USA on Tuesday in New York City during the #WeAreOrgullosa event, which unveiled P&G’s Orgullosa’s approach to changing the misconceptions of Latina women. “Someone takes a plane ride to make it happen. I think it’s about making each moment special, whether it’s making food, watching a movie at home, or going to the movies or skydiving.”

After years of friendship, Emeraude, 28, and Prince, 28, made their romance public in 2016. The Shadowhunters star, who met her boyfriend at a restaurant, admitted that her ideal date night is a cozy evening indoors. She said, “My perfect date night would be in room dining with a movie in the hotel, tucked in the sheets.”


VER GALERÍA  Emeraude is all about making special moments with her boyfriend Prince Royce Photo: Getty Images 

While Emeraude has made a number of fashionable red carpet appearances with Prince Royce, she confessed that comfort is key for date nights with her musician beau. When asked for date night fashion tips, the actress suggested, “If it’s your first date, you can’t really show it all." The Freeform star added, “You got to leave something to the imagination. I think a pair of jeans that fit your body and a cool t-shirt or nice shirt. Something where you’re really trying hard, but really trying not to show that you’re trying too hard.” For her first date with Prince, Emeraude took a page out of her style book. She revealed, “I had on jeans, some espadrilles and an off-the-shoulder-stripped shirt.”


However when it comes to feeling beautiful, the Mexican-Lebanese beauty doesn’t need an outfit, “I think I feel the most beautiful when I’m happy,” she admitted. “When I’m with my cousins. I don’t have siblings, so I feel my best when I’m with my grandma cooking or when I’m with my mom giving her beauty tips.” Emeraude continued, “You know it normally starts with your mom giving you beauty tips, now it’s me giving them to her.”

VER GALERÍA  The Shadowhunter's actress partnered with Orgullosa to change the misconceptions of Latina women Photo: Diane Bondareff/Invision for P&G Orgullosa

Although her Mexican and Middle Eastern backgrounds are completely different, the Brownsville, Texas native has embraced one major aspect from both sides. “What makes them alike is how much you are with your family,” Emeraude said. “How much they’re all about being together. "There’s always people having breakfast, dinner or lunch with you. It’s just the best, family is always present.”

Family is a constant in Emeraude’s life on screen as well. Her fierce character Isabella Lightwood shares her values. “Izzy is similar to my culture because Latinas love their family,” she said. “Isabella loves her family. She would do anything for her brother, would die for her mother. Isabella wants to make her mother proud, you know, and I want to make my mother proud.”

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