Celebrities tend to get playful while appearing on The Graham Norton Show, but Diane Keaton took the cake when she stopped by Friday. During her appearance, the star caught fellow A-list guests Kevin Bacon and Jessica Chastain off guard when she planted a big kiss on their lips. While the two were clearly surprised by the gesture, they seemed game to smooch the Oscar-winning actress.


It all began when the show’s host, Graham Norton, brought up that Diane seems to like “on-screen romance.” “It’s the best. It doesn’t get any better,” said the 71-year-old in response. “Think of all the men you get to kiss and you don’t pay the price… The relationship is perfect because you are in the midst of this story and it’s the greatest thing kissing a man in a movie.” Diane then offered to kiss an audience member, looking around and musing, “You know, I also like the audience and, if there’s some men out there…”


Diane Keaton, Michael Fassbender, Graham Norton, Jessica Chastain and Kevin Bacon Photo: PA Images

Ultimately, the Annie Hall star ended up kissing Graham himself, who seemed delighted by the notion. “This is so exciting for me!” he said before they touched lips. Diane, who looked chic in all black and her signature thick-framed glasses, then moved on to her Hollywood buddies, Kevin and Jessica.


“Now I’m going to kiss Kevin!” Diane said with a quirky flair. “Are you ready, Kevin?” The 58-year-old actor was indeed, grinning and rising to meet his fellow guest. “Am I willing?” he said, sarcastically. The two then kissed, eliciting a roaring cheer from the studio audience. “Now, I want to kiss Jessica too!” Diane said, clearly not done.


Jessica Chastain was all smiles during the appearance Photo: PA Images

Jessica, who knew she was up next, hopped right out of her seat. The Zookeeper’s Wife star jumped up and down, and then puckered up, ready for the kiss. “Look at that girl,” Diane said, playfully. “First of all, the nose is great. And then we big kiss… like she’s my dear daughter.” Then Diane grabbed Jessica’s face and said, “My little baby. You’ve been bad.” At this, the 40-year-old actress and the audience cracked up. “Oh my God, what is happening!?” Jessica asked, still being held by Diane. The Oscar-winner and the Oscar-nominee eventually pecked on the lips, relishing in the funny moment.

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Jessica and Kevin agreed kissing Diane was a 'bucket list' moment Photo: PA Images

Afterwards, it seemed like Diane, was still ready for more! She laughed saying, “It was okay. You know, I can try it out on the audience, though… it’d be much better.” The crowd loved that, clapping and cheering at the thought. Diane’s fellow actors were also in good spirits. “Can I just say?” Kevin asked, pointing to Diane. “Bucket list!” Jessica, who was still laughing, nodded in agreement. 

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