What Prince George and Princess Charlotte gave Queen Elizabeth for her 91st birthday, plus more royal revelations

The Cambridges got creative for the Queen’s 91st birthday! During a visit to BBC Radio 1 on Friday, April 21, Prince William and Kate Middleton revealed that their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte made homemade gifts for their grand-grandmother. "It's quite hard to know what to give the Queen for her 91st birthday," William said. The Duke noted that most 91-year-olds have everything.


VER GALERÍA William and Kate revealed what their kids gifted the Queen for her 91st birthday Photo: Getty Images 

“You’re very good at making things,” the Duchess of Cambridge told her husband. William chimed in, “Yeah we've tried making a few things. Now [with] the great-grandchildren around you see they can make stuff and that goes down really well. It doesn’t matter what it looks like. It just goes down really well. You stick to those sorts of presents.” As it turns out, George is the artistic one in the family. William revealed, “He’s very good at arts and crafts.” 


While Her Majesty celebrated her birthday watching the races at Newbury Racecourse, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge appeared on the BBC radio show to surprise host Adele Roberts, who is running in Sunday’s Virgin Money London Marathon, which the royals’ campaign Head’s Together is the race’s official charity partner. During the show, the couple was asked if they are allowed to have mobile phones. “Yes,” William revealed. "We use ours far too much!”

VER GALERÍA The Duke and Duchess made a surprise appearance on BBC Radio 1 Photo: Instagram/@kensingtonroyal

“All technology is fantastic and it’s great fun and it’s a great way to communicate however that face-to-face contact is still really important for families and for friends and you know living your life online can be quite dangerous at times if you spend far too long at night looking at your phone and not getting enough sleep," he added. “[Young people have] got exam pressures, they’ve got friends pressures, they’ve got family pressures, you then add social media pressure, the likes and what everyone else is doing in photos and I do worry that everyone needs to kind of take a step back from that and go 'the online world is my world but there is the real world as well.'”

When asked whether the royal family has a private WhatsApp [text messaging application] group to send the Queen a happy birthday message, the Duke replied with a laugh, “Yeah, absolutely.” During the program the royals, who are big fans of Game of Thrones and Homeland, also revealed that they watch “a lot of children’s programs” with their kids. The Duke admitted, “You have to pretend you’re really interested cause George gets very upset if you’re not showing due diligence to the characters.” Apart from the royals' ordering out curry, one final revelation that was admitted during the program came when William was asked who would win in a fight between him and brother Prince Harry. The royal dad-of-two answered, “That’s clearly obvious me,” explaining with a laugh, "I’m bigger.” 

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