While it's been three years since Melanie Griffith ended her 18-year marriage to Antonio Banderas, the Working Girl star isn’t ready to jump back into the dating pool. “I'm shy with men now, very reticent,” the 59-year-old told Porter magazine. “I haven't met anyone in the almost two years we have been divorced.” Melanie split from The Mask of Zorro actor, with whom she shares 20-year-old daughter Stella Banderas​, back in 2014 and finalized her fourth divorce in 2015.


VER GALERÍA Melanie admitted that she felt "stuck" in her marriage to Antonio Photo: Getty Images

Dicussing her union with Antonio, the actress said, "I think part of the reason my marriage to Antonio fell apart was because I was stuck; nobody else is to blame. It’s just that I personally got stuck and I won’t let that happen again, I want to enjoy life, I want to do whatever I want to do." Prior to her relationship with the Spanish actor, Melanie was married twice to Don Johnson, whom she shares daughter Dakota Johnson, 27, with, first briefly in 1976 and then again from 1989-1996. In between her marriages to the Fifty Shades star's father, Melanie was married from 1982-1987 to Steven Bauer, whom she shares 31-year-old son Alexander Bauer.

VER GALERÍA The Working Girl star revealed that pal Kris Jenner has been playing cupid for her Photo: Getty Images

While Melanie admittedly doesn’t go out on dates these days, she does go out with her girlfriends, which includes new gal pal Kris Jenner. The mom-of-three revealed that the Kardashian matriarch has been playing cupid for her, which she calls "weird." "We became best friends,” Melanie said. “[Kris] is so much fun, so smart, so normal and so loving. She is unbelievable, like when I had my back operation, she was there bringing me chopped salad. We went to Aspen together last week.”

And the feeling is mutual. Kris praised Dakota’s mom telling the magazine, “We've both been divorced a couple of times, we've had a few kids and we've had situations in common - life changing ones. Like me, she looks at life with the glass half full. I'll be having a sh**ty day, the lowest of lows, and she'll come over, sit on my bed and be right there with me. She's got a heart of gold."

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