Amazing son! The emotional story behind Lin-Manuel Miranda taking his mother to the Oscars

According to the mother of the creator of 'Hamilton', his invitation to the gala was conceived decades ago, long before fame.

Composer and singer Lin-Manuel Miranda continues to navigate wave of success unprecedented in recent decades for a Broadway creator. And the last one was being nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song with ‘How Far I'll Go’ from the movie ‘Moana’. Modest as always, the creator of Puerto Rican ancestry had expressed that being nominated and being able to be at the ceremony was already a prize in itself. But Lin-Manuel also melted hearts by announcing that he would attend the gala accompanied by his mother, Luz Towns-Miranda.


What was not known was that the invitation to his mother had been extended, in fact, long before the success of his musicals ‘In the Heights’ and ‘Hamilton’. As the proud mother confessed in one of the interviews on the red carpet, Lin-Manuel watched the Academy Awards with her from an early age, but the most incredible thing is that she had boundless faith in him. "I would tell you when you go to the Oscars - not if you go, but when you go, because I knew he would - you have to take me with you," said Luz, smiling. And Lin-Manuel, an amazing son, kept the promise.


Shortly after those statements, Lin-Manuel interpreted ‘How Far I'll Go’ demonstrating his rapping skills as he rapped the plot of the film in a surprising performance.

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