Conan O'Brien enjoys a complete tourist experience with tacos and wrestling in Mexico

Since his arrival in the country, the host has not stopped participating in all kinds of traditional activities

Soccer matches, godfather at ‘quinceañera’ party, and even actor in a telenovela are some of the experiences that Conan O'Brien has lived in his visit to Mexico, where he is to record the special ‘Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico’. The 53-year-old host has been using his trip to learn about the culture and traditions that have been reflected in television and movies for years. One of them, wrestling, surprised the host by the movements of this show that he only knew by the movie ‘Nacho Libre’.


Impressed with the technique of the wrestlers, Conan understood better what this popular sport is all about. "Learned some deadly ‘lucha libre’ moves from mexican luchador Cassandro el exótico. FEAR MY WRATH, ENEMIGOS!", The host posted on his Facebook account, where he keeps his followers in touch with every new experience he has in Mexico.

The fight is not the only thing that shocked Conan, a day earlier, accompanied by his good friend Jorge Ramos, he tried authentic soft tortilla tacos, one of the most common meals in the city. O'Brien was ‘enchilado’ when he tried a complete spoonful of one of the sauces while the clients who saw him tried to prevent it with a "No!" So that he would not suffer with the burning of his tongue, but he did so. He said of the experience: "I am now Mexican, I am also dying."


Instead of relaxing in a luxurious hotel, Conan prefered to stroll around the city. On Saturday, in his most elegant look, he attended the ‘quinceañera’ party of a young Mexican woman and commemorated the moment with a photograph of the girl, her parents, groomsmen and the host cutting the cake. "Happy birthday, Marisol, it was an honor to be your godfather tonight, you were the most elegant quinceañera," he said of the party.

Already in the family traditions, O'Brien accepted very excited to participate in one of the telenovelas that are currently in production in the country. The show where he made his debut in Hispanic teledramas was ‘Mi adorable maldicion’ (My adorable curse), where he performed with Renata Notni and Pablo Lyle. "It was a dream come true. I love soap operas. I usually see them in Spanish when I'm at home," he told the show Hoy. "I always wanted to be in one and here I was allowed to personify a man who sells cheeses."


His activities seem to have no limits and with a fairly well organized agenda, the comedian could also play a little soccer with the Mexican star Giovani Dos Santos, who will appear in the special show of Conan, which will be recorded this Wednesday to be broadcast on March 1st.

Conan arrived in Mexico with the intention of "fixing the problems between the United States and Mexico," especially those that were only created with the insistence of building a wall on the border of both countries, led by Donald Trump. In the special, he will have as guests Diego Luna and former President Vicente Fox.


Upon arriving in the Mexican capital, Conan joked a little that the reason for his visit could disturb some leaders in his country. "If my visit angered certain people in my government, they might not let me go back, does anyone have a place to sleep for the next four years?" He joked with a local reporter, who offered his home to the host.

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