Photographs of Kim Kardashian's crime scene come to light

The socialite was in Paris to enjoy Fashion Week when two armed men burst into her room

Kim Kardashian has not been able to recover 100% from the scare she had in Paris last October, when two thieves escaped the security of the hotel where she was staying and robbed her from several jewels valued at more than nine million dollars, including her engagement ring. For the 36 year old, this was an event that changed her life radically, since then she has published very few details of her day to day and still lives with the fear that something can happen to her or her family. The case is not yet closed and after the criminal group that committed the assault on Kanye West's wife was revealed, photographs of the room where Kim was surprised by the thieves are now revealed.


According to Kim's statement, the thieves tied her hand and foot and locked her in the bathtub after threatening her with a gun to give them her jewelry. While the mother of North and Saint West feared for her life, the assailants searched the room. The officers took pictures of the room, images that became public this weekend.


In one of the photographs, you can see the bed revolted, with adhesive tape thrown at the sides, which the thieves used to keep Kim quiet. You can also see the ropes with which they immobilized her before leaving her in the bathroom.

The "clan of the veterans" -papys braqueurs, in French-, as the criminal gang is called, is made up of nine men between 60 and 72 years old, according to French media reports. Since Kim arrived in Paris, they were hovering around the hotel to investigate her movements while she focused on the events of the Paris Fashion Week. The group was apprehended thanks to the surveillance cameras in the streets nearby.

For weeks, police tracked several of them until they found the leader, Aomar Ait Khedache, who communicated with his henchmen in sign language. Unfortunately for Kim, most of his jewelry can not be recovered because the thieves immediately melted them.


Still terrified from the experience, Kim Kardashian confessed that they have no intention of returning to Paris in the coming months, she even shows some indifference to the Paris Fashion Week that will start on February 28. However, it is possible that to close the investigation, she will have to return to identify the assailants.

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