Drew Barrymore has an effective remedy for her daughters' tantrums

There are moms willing to make memories of anything their children do, and for Drew it is also the best technique to educate their daughters

Drew Barrymore loves her role as a mother, but sometimes her little daughters Olive (4) and Frankie (2) often end Mom's patience if they do not get what they want. It is a very common scenario for thousands of parents around the world who have tried desperately to prevent their children from tantruming, especially if they are on the street. Drew seems to have found the remedy during a visit to Disneyworld, where his daughters surprised her on more than one occasion with uncontrolled cries.


The 41-year-old actress told Seth Meyers that her daughters were very happy in the amusement park but that inevitably, like many children, ended up having tantrums even though they were in the funniest place on Earth. "My daughter Olive wanted to chase a duck or a bird, but I did not let her," she explained when the 'Late Night' host showed her a photograph where her daughter is crying on the ground.

The formula is simple, instead of embracing or pampering them to stop crying, it is better to deal with their anger in a creative and fun way. In Drew’s case, taking pictures was perfect. Drew tried that technique one more time and this time the little one looked directly at the camera before calming down.


Although last year the actress did not spend the best moments after her divorce with Will Kopelman, now she looks more calm and with the cheerful attitude that characterizes her. Drew and Will were married in June 2012 at a discreet ceremony in Montecito, California. At the time of the wedding, the actress was already expecting her first daughter.

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