Conan O'Brien, visiting Mexico: 'Does anyone have a place where I can sleep for the next four years?'

The comedian and television presenter arrived yesterday morning to Mexico City with the purpose of fixing the recent conflicts between Mexico and the United States

Conan O'Brien is in Mexico City, where he traveled to shoot ‘Conan Without Borders: Made in Mexico’, a special show that seeks to "repair relations between both countries." Happy, smiling and full of energy, he read a letter in Spanish to the press and some fans who welcomed him at the airport. In addition to asking to recommend some places to visit, he asked Mexicans for a place to stay in case his visit disturbs someone in his country.


"Hello Mexico, I am Conan O'Brien and I am honored to be in your country. I know we have had some problems between Mexico and the United States, but do not worry, I will fix everything," he said excitedly and referring to the recent political conflicts generated by Donald Trump's insistence on building a border wall between both countries.

"During my visit I want to get to know your beautiful City and its incredible citizens, I hope I can entertain you," he added. Determined not to limit himself to the issues that cause conflicts between Mexicans and Americans, he added: "If my visit angered certain people in my government, they may not let me return, does anyone have a place where I can sleep for the next four Years?" He joked with a local reporter, who offered his house to the host.

In the show that Conan O'Brien will make in Mexico the guests will be Diego Luna and former President Vicente Fox. The show he records this week in the Mexican capital will be broadcast on TBS on March 1. "I look forward to meeting as many Mexicans as possible, thank you very much and Viva Mexico!" O'Brien said in his letter to the Mexican people.

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