Meghan Markle and the truth behind her ring with the letter 'H'

In a series of photographs the actress is seen wearing the jewel with what looks like the initial of the Prince in her right hand

Meghan Markle's life had a big change since she started dating Prince Harry last summer. Little by little the actress has become accustomed to being surrounded by cameras and photographers attentive to every detail of their routine, the clothes they wear or the accessories they carry. Just this week, 35-year-old Markle set off the alarm bells ass he bought flowers near Buckingham Palace because she seemed to be wearing a ring in her right hand with the letter 'H', an accessory that many thought was a show of love between her and the young prince.


However, Meghan's jewel has nothing to do with her relationship with Prince William's brother, ‘People’ was able to confirm. The Toronto-based actress actually wore a 18-carat double ring made of gold from London's Missoma jewelry, an accessory she bought long ago, even before she began her relationship with Harry.

The images that went around the world were an optical illusion created by the parts that hold both rings of the ring. Immediately, admirers of the English Royal Family speculated that it was an H, the perfect symbol to show how in love Harry is and how well the relationship is going. The idea did not look anything strange after the actress wore a gold choker with the letters H and M, plus a pair of bracelets that each of them used while away from each other fulfilling their commitments.

Meghan and Harry are a couple who prefer to keep the details of their relationship private, but that did not stop them from showing a little affection last week when they had a tender evening date. The couple let themselves be seen holding hands while walking through the streets of London, a cute image of Prince Harry that no longer hides from the paparazzi who closely follow their love story.

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