Barack and Michelle Obama, on vacation with Richard Branson on a paradise island

For a few days, the Obama’s agenda does not include any other commitment apart from relaxing, resting and enjoying life

The last days have been nothing more than fun, rest and tranquility for Barack Obama and his family. Minutes after leaving the White House during the investiture of Donald Trump, the Obamas left for California to start their vacation. However, that is not the only destination on their itinerary, which also includes the British Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean.


Barack and Michelle Obama are enjoying an idyllic vacation with their good friend Richard Branson, owner of the exclusive place where the former president of the United States has been staying. A video that turned viral, shows Obama very happy and relaxed in his stay on the Island.

The marriage was seen walking along the beach next to Richard, the best tourist guide they could get, as the British billionaire owns that property. Barack, 55, left the suits at home to go out and enjoy the view with a black t-shirt, shorts, glasses and a cap. Michelle, 53, wore blue shorts, a hat and a white kaftan and hat to cover the sun.

As friendly as ever, the couple greeted the curious who recognized them and took photos and videos of their passage through the island. "Thank you, thank you very much," Barack said to those greeting them from afar. The group headed for Richard's helicopter, which they allegedly boarded to return to the privacy of Moskito Island.

Like the video, other photographs of the Obama on their vacation have already gone around the world. Among them is a lunch with Richard and his daughter Holly. In addition, holiday witnesses say the couple spent time on Anegada Island, very close to Necker - Richard's private island - and Moskito.

This is the second week that the Obamas spend on vacation after the end of his eight-year term. They began the tour in Palm Springs where they were accompanied by their daughters Malia and Sasha.

Obama's relaxed agenda did not stop him from talking about the actions of the new president, Donald Trump, as he promised before the inauguration. Last Monday, Barack made a commentary on immigration policies and supported protesters who took to the streets and airports to voice their opinion against Trump's orders.

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