Antonio Banderas enjoys the nature after a 'little scare' that took him to the hospital

The actor returned home relaxed after suffering a severe pain in the chest

Antonio Banderas is resting at his home in Surrey, England, after the scare he went through last Thursday when he had to go to the emergency room due to a severe chest pain that surprised him while exercising. The 56-year-old actor called the local emergency service and was immediately taken by ambulance to St. Peter's Hospital in Chertsey, where he spent some time in observation.


Although he was initially scared and did not understand well what was happening, Antonio Banderas is already much better in health and assimilating the bad time. He told the ‘Sun’ newspaper that it was a "minor episode" and then thanked his fans for being aware of his health. Quieter, this morning, the actor published a selfie with his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel, with a forest in the background and a big smile that dispels doubts about his health. "Enjoying nature after a little startle. Kisses," was the only thing that Banderas wrote in the description of the image.


Antonio was discharged the same day with instructions of carrying a much more relaxed routine, which won’t be difficult for him in the home he shares with Kimpel since 2015. "This house gives me the simplicity and freedom that I now need in my life. There’s nothing for me in the US. I do have a house in Central Park, New York, but also several in Spain, and I felt it was the perfect time to return to Europe," he said a few months ago to ¡HOLA!


Although it was a rather alarming situation for Antonio and Nicole, the actor was very active in social media during the weekend. Attentive to the Australian Open, he sent his best wishes to his compatriot, Rafa Nadal, during the tennis match against Roger Federer, in which the Swiss was victorious.

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