Paulina Rubio, a loving mom and successful singer without help from babysitters

Although not an easy task, Paulina Rubio is convinced that no one else will take care of her two children as well as she does

If there is something that Paulina Rubio enjoys more than being on stage, it's being a mom. Just nine months ago, La Chica Dorada welcomed Eros, her second child, this time with her partner Gerardo Bazúa - her first-born, Andrea was a fruit of her relationship with Nicolás Vallejo 'Colate'-. The little one, who was presented exclusively on the pages of ¡HOLA! shortly after being born, came to life just as she was preparing her next studio album, and although caring for two children at home and remaining active in the music world is not an easy task, the singer manages to fulfill her commitments as an entertainer and as a mom without help from a nanny.


Although it can be very tiresome, Paulina Rubio prefers to spend most of her time with her children, to be attentive to their care and their needs. "I did not want to have any help with my babies for the first six months, and it has been exhausting. I'm a very controlling person, although I am aware that that is not the most appropriate thing. I'm trying to improve in that regard. But nobody but me was going to take care of my babies," she told ‘Nexos’ about her private life.

Paulina knows that motherhood demands a lot of time, moments that she used to dedicate to herself, now belong to Eros and Andrea. Contrary to what it seems, for Pau it was a positive change that, she says, gradually ended her selfishness. "Before, I felt very narcissistic. It was me, me and me all day long. And when you have a baby, everything is about them, thank God. For me it was like giving a vacation to my mind," she confessed.


That joy and comfort she feels in her role as a mom comes from her decision to wait until she felt comfortable to have children. Before welcoming the stork, Paulina decided that she would have to feel full in the professional field so as not to leave out any of her plans. "I always knew I would have children, but I wanted to have them when I wanted to. Some of my friends got in a hurry, and my own mother had me very young," she said and continued: "But I wanted to mature before. To choose when I wanted to have them, and I feel very happy about it." Now that she knows the joy of being a mom, she hopes that this year will happen again and fulfill her dream of having a daughter.

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