What was Taylor Swift's reaction after Tom Hiddleston won his first Golden Globe?

Although only dated for a short time, between Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift there is still a cordial friendship

For a few months in 2016, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swiftwere inseparable. Their love story was the center of attention wherever they went. But what at first was all smiles, after three months became past. That is why Tom Hiddleston went without a date to the first Golden Globes in which he was nominated and won the award for Best Actor in Miniseries for his performance in ‘The Night Manager’.


The blonde's absence took on more force when Tom picked up his prize and while some wondered where Taylor was, the singer was not even watching TV to see her ex's big moment; However, she was very happy for his achievement. According to HollywoodLife reports, Swift "is happy for Tom's success. She could not watch the speech or the whole show," says the site that also says the singer did not plan to see the ceremony in which some of his ex boyfriends were present .

"She likes to be a part of these shows, but if she's not involved, she does not give them much importance. She's still happy that Tom has won, feels like he deserved it." After their breakup last September, the couple left behind the moments they shared during the summer, including the trips they did to meet each other's parents.


During the Golden Globes gala, Tom also became a trend for his speech after receiving the award. With the award in hand and in front of the audience, the actor wanted to share his story about the trip he made in South Sudan, where he says he met a group of medical nurses who watched ‘The Night Manager’. "The idea that I could, or we, provide some relief or entertainment to people working for Unicef, Doctors Without Borders and the World Food Program, who are fixing the world where it is broken makes me feel immensely proud," said Tom.

However, his words were not well received by Golden Globe viewers or celebrities present at the gala, such as Naomi Harris andChristian Slater. Later, Tom apologized via Facebook, where he wrote that he was very nervous and his "words went wrong".

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