Tommy Mottola talks about Mariah Carey, his ex: "None of these issues or problems ever existed with her in her early days at Sony"

After her disastrous New Year’s Eve appearance in Times Square, Tommy Mottola, the former representative and husband of Mariah Carey, says the singer "needs help"

Tommy Mottola, Thalia's husband, sent a very strong message to Mariah Carey, his former client and also ex-wife. Posted by 'Page Six', Tommy said Mariah is still "the greatest pop voice to come along in the last three decades," but that the singer should hire a "more seasoned and respected professionals to surround her and help her with her career."


Tommy, a titan of the music industry, referred to the disastrous presentation that Mariah gave in Times Square during the New Year's celebrations. Since their divorce in 1998, the ex-couple has had a cordial, but not always friendly, relationship. Also, Mottola stated that he wouldn’t advise Mariah to continue with her reality show: "I would never have encouraged her or guided her to do something like a reality television show!!!!! I don’t get it! That does absolutely nothing for her integrity, her credibility, or her massive talent."


The comments that might further anger Mariah are about the way he used to run his ex-wife's career: "None of these issues or problems ever existed with her in her early days at Sony for the first 10 years when she skyrocketed to global superstardom!! Where absolutely meticulous and methodical attention was paid to every single detail and nuance that went on into her career!"

"Things happen. Have a happy and healthy new year everybody! Here's to making more headlines in 2017," said the singer in a brief message she posted on Twitter shortly after her rugged performance. Some thought the famous singer would not talk about the incident, but a few days ago it was revealed that she remains very angry, which is why her people sent an email to Dick Clark's production where they accused the failed presentation of "sabotage."


The company quickly defended itself from the accusations of Mariah's team and declared that "we will never intentionally compromise the success of any artist; Saying it, is defamatory, scandalous and frankly absurd." After that bitter episode, "Mimi" decided to take refuge in Aspen.

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