Belinda and Criss Angel dedicate the most romantic messages to each other on social media: 'You are the love of my life'

The singer and the illusionist are no longer hiding their feelings

In love! That’s how Belinda and Criss Angel can be described. They can’t stop telling the world what they feel for each other. On the occasion of the New Year, the artists have made use of social media to dedicate the most romantic words to each other.


"One of the most beautiful things that happened to me this year was to meet Criss Angel who taught me not to judge people without knowing them first," Belinda wrote in her Twitter account to bid farewell to a 2016 full of love. For his part, the illusionist, escapist and American musician was not far behind and answered the romantic message of his girlfriend with the following words: "I've never loved anyone before you. You make me want to be the best man I'm capable of. You’re amazing- "Real Magic" Pure Love Forever Mi Amor" He added, “Happy New Year Mi Amor! You’re the love of my life!!!"


Not hiding their feelings, the 27-year-old singer and 49-year-old illusionist have become increasingly expressive through social media. It was last November when rumors began about a possible romance between the artists, who had met about three months earlier in Las Vegas, when Belinda went to see a his show. Later, the Mexican singer participated in the television program of the illusionist in which the chemistry between them became more than evident. Although from the beginning both were discreet, with time came the confirmation that they were in a relationship when they began to publish some photos where they were seen together.


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