Chris Pratt has fun trolling Jennifer Lawrence and she can’t do anything but laugh

The actor did not allow Jennifer's talent and beauty to sabotage his Instagram account

No one robs Chris Pratt of the lead in his Instagram account, let alone his movie partner, Jennifer Lawrence. As the two go from country to country talking about their new film, ‘Passengers’, the actor has taken several photos to remember the tour in which he and the actress embarked for a few weeks. Only, in his own way and as an excellent joke for Jennifer, in the photos in which she appears, Chris does his best not to show her face, although he mentions it with much humor and respect in the description of each photo.

It all started with a selfie in which Lawrence's face is barely visible. "I finally got that picture with Jennifer Lawrence that you all wanted," Chris wrote next to the photo. The image caused much amusement among his followers but no one liked it as much as Pratt, who began to take pictures with his partner in different locations making sure she wouldn’t look "perfect" or even showing her face.

"Having a good time with my best friend, Jen," you can read in the description of another photo in which the actress appears on her back while Chris smiles very happyly. Even in another snapshot taken with some of her interviewers, Jen is almost out of the picture. "Here Jen and I pose with @elrubiuswtf", although you only see part of her blonde hair.

This kind of jokes seem endless and in each session of interviews they have together, Chris manages to take another funny postcard without showing the face of his friend. Although he has been making jokes, the actor admires Jen's work, even in a conversation with GQ, said that she is one of the best companions he has had. "She acts like Adele sings, she's a great actress, she just can do it, she makes you feel emotions," said Anna Faris's husband.

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