Salma Hayek sends a message of encouragement: 'Even when we are sad and disappointed we must try to do our best'

The actress Salma Hayek posted on social media about the result of the recent presidential elections, held on Tuesday, November 8. Although the Mexican does not mention Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, her followers interpreted her wise words as a message of solidarity with Clinton's sympathizers.

VER GALERÍA Salma Hayek posted a message full of hope. Photo: Instagram Salma Hayek

Hayek uploaded a photograph to her Instagram in which she is dressed in black with the following message: "Even when we are sad and disappointed, we must try to do the best we can with what we have." The followers of the actress interpreted that her words were about the result of the presidential elections.

VER GALERÍA The actress asked her followers to go out and vote. Photo: Instagram Salma Hayek

A few days before the election, the 50-year-old actress posted a photograph of her wearing a sweater supporting Clinton. Through that post, Salma asked her followers to go out and vote. Since the Democrat started her campaign for the presidency, Salma has joined the list of celebrities who have shown their support.

Other celebrities who posted solidarity messages to the Latino community were singer Vicente Fernández and Maná. Through his Twitter account, 'El Charro de Huentitán' wrote: "Friends, things did not happen. Keep working hard, I'm sure your voices will be heard! God squeezes but does not strangle."

Meanwhile, Maná used their Facebook account to bring a motivational message to their fans. The post was signed by Fher Olvera, leader and vocalist of the group. "Sometimes the results disappoint or worry us but they never get us to our knees. Latinos keep our heads up and we continue to work to change what we do not like, to have the life, the country and the world we want," said the encouraging message. As a reflection, the musician shared a story about his little son.

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