Paris Hilton, a happy independent, successful and single woman

The socialite is still the center of attention of the parties, although she has stayed away from scandals

Singer, DJ, businesswoman and socialite. Paris Hilton does not rest to make her name the best of her brands. On Tuesday, the heiress of the Hilton fortune, visited Mexico City to talk about her new line of shoes, a task that goes hand in hand with her career as a DJ in Ibiza's most exclusive clubs. This time, the Mexicans could see a Paris with her incomparable style, but much more mature and focused, as well as successful and single.


Paris said she was very busy with her many activities as an entrepreneur and DJ, a lifestyle that has long since left her with little room for romance. Before several members of the local press, the socialite clarified what is happening between her and the also millionaire Thomas Gross, whom she met at the Cannes Festival last year. "We are friends. He is a wonderful man. But I am single and very busy directing my empire and traveling the world. I am an independent woman!"

Paris, who has focused entirely on her business, was compared to Donald Trump, to which she calmly replied: "I think they say that because we are business people. He has created his own brand and I have known him since I was a young girl and I think people think that because we are both business people although I focused on fashion and beauty. These are different worlds."


Nicky Hilton's sister said she was flattered that several girls considered her a role model, although she did not really feel like an example of life. "I've always admired Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, I consider them icons, so being called that way is a great compliment, it means a lot to me and I feel very proud when people say that."

But even as at age 35 Paris is now a centered woman, the taste for partying is something that still runs through her veins, only now it is herself who sets the mood. As a DJ, Paris is still in the middle of the best parties in the most lively places on the planet, in fact, instead of just going out to the most important places in Hollywood, the singer is also seen around the world, trips that awoke in her a philanthropic interest.

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