'Ciao' Lamberto! Charlotte Casiraghi, single again or with a new love?

Grace Kelly's grandaughter seems to be rebuilding her life away from Lamberto Sanfelice amid rumors of a new romance

Charlotte Casiraghi knows no boundaries when it comes to moving. She can live today in Monaco and a week later settle in Paris, Los Angeles or Rome. Most of the changes have been for love or, in the worst circumstances, heartbreak and perhaps this time is not the exception. After a year of dating Lamberto Sanfelice, the daughter of Caroline of Monaco said goodbye to la dolce vita she had with the director of Italian cinema to start a new stage in France with her son, arousing rumors that she and the Italian only have memories of better days.


For several months, Charlotte has been the focus of several rumors. Perhaps the most notorious was that of a new pregnancy, a rumor that started when she vacationed with the same swimsuit she wore during her first pregnancy, plus her belly looked bloated and stayed away from horseracing. However, it was all an illusion of the followers of the Royal Family of Monaco, who now see Charlotte in what could be her break with Sanfelice.

While last summer there was speculation of a new baby, last April she packed up and left for Rome to start a new life with the film director in his hometown. Lamberto seemed like the perfect boyfriend for a royal: aristocrat, artistic, Italian and intellectual and a good friend of the children of Carolina. But fate took care separating them and Charlotte has moved from Rome to France with her three year old, Raphaël, whom she had during her relationship with the Moroccan actor Gad Elmaleh.


Charlotte and Raphaël are now installed in the French town Fontainebleau, same city in which she lived her adolescence while she studied and where her passion for horses was born. Raphaël is enrolled in a local nursery and lives away from the roman customs they learned with Lamberto Sanfelice.

Despite being away from her former boyfriend, Charlotte's smile seems to have returned thanks to a rider whose identity is unknown. According to the Italian weekly Diva e Donna, the royal seems to have fallen again to the charms of an Italian who she was photographed with holding hands.

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