Queen Elizabeth receives the President of Colombia in a historic state visit

No President of the country had visited the UK officially

In a historic event, Queen Elizabeth and Duke Philip received Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, and his wife Clemencia Rodriguez de Santos at Buckingham Palace  in the first state visit by a president of the South American country.


The Queen received the visitors at Buckingham Palace, where they enjoyed a royal banquet. In detail, the monarch inspected the table where she, her husband and the President and his wife had dinner. She, with a light pink suit intone monitored, among other things, that the flowers were ready to decorate the table.

The menu consisted of pheasant accompanied by carrots and broccoli plus apples and salad. A creamy delight of mango and passion fruit was the dessert. In the afternoon, the Queen wore a white dress with golden details while Mrs. Clementina wore a black dress with white frilly emerging from a left side opening from waist height.


"It has been five years since we first met, during his last visit to London," said the Queen to Juan Manuel, whom she thanked in her speech for sending flowers and coffee for dinner. "I'm sure that Colombia and the United Kingdom share a bright future as alliances," continued the Queen.


"It is a great honor for Colombia. Never has a president of Colombia been invited to pay a state visit to the UK," said the President. During his visit, the president and his wife will meet with Prince Charles, Prime Minister Theresa May, the Mayor of London and leaders of the parliament and the opposition.

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