Deborah Mitchell, Kate Middleton’s stylist, has her hands insured for more than $18 million dollars

A day in the life of the 51 year old includes massages and special exercises just for her hands

Deborah Mitchell, the most famous stylist among the royals, has a list of VIP clients like the Duchess of Cambridge and Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall. With so much fame and an excellent reputation, the stylist has insured her hands for no less than 18 million dollars, a figure that is worth it for the one responsible of the manicure of the future Queen Consort of England.


With hands valued at many millions of dollars, Deborah follows a very specific routine that includes using silk gloves, as recommended by the insurer Wolverhampton. The stylist rarely removes the gloves, she even wears them for such common tasks like holding cutlery.

Her lifestyle has changed since her hands became the most valuable part of her body -economically talking. Deborah has "banned" washing dishes or cooking, and if she wants to get involved in gardening activities, she makes sure that her hands do not touch the ground, much less hurt them with thorns of flowers.


Deborah loves her pets, but she can not walk her dog because the leash could cause harm to her wrist. And although it sounds weird, the stylist should not open doors, anything to keep her hands without injuries, however small they are.

When she is not working on Kate’s manicure, or in her detailed beauty products made from bee venom, the stylist has an army of masseurs who come to her call to relax her hands with special oils. Nothing out of the ordinary for the person with the most expensive hands in the world.

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