Cara Delevingne, walking the streets of New York as if she had just gotten out of bed

When it comes to fashion and entertainment, she is one of the coolest Brits, but Cara Delevingne also has bad days like everyone else. The model did not think she would be caught by the paparazzi ... but surprise! They are always paying attention. The lenses of the cameras caught one of those impossible days when she was just like any other normal person: disheveled, without makeup and comfy sweatpants.

VER GALERÍA The 24 year old model was spotted with a very comfortable outfit on the streets of New York. Photo: Grosby Group

As if she had just gotten out of bed, Cara toured some streets of New York and shocked people with her casual look. Wearing all green, the model noticed the presence of the paparazzi and adopted a serious look on her face. In recent weeks, Cara has given a lot to talk about because her followers have noticed her extreme thinness and fear that her health is at risk.

VER GALERÍA She seemed upset by the presence of the paparazzi. Photo: Grosby Group

Alarms about her health went on about six days ago when she posted on Instagram a picture next to the actress Dakota Johnson. In the snapshot, both appeared smiling and congratulating Taylor Swift for her birthday. Cara thinness was more noticeable in here arms, which also have some spots. A month ago, the model ended her romance with French singer St. Vincent, according to the Daily Mail, the singer would be dating actress Kristen Stewart. Last week, both attended the New York Film Festival.

VER GALERÍA Cara has accustomed us to seeing her flawless on the red carpet. Photo: Getty Images

In 2015 she gave an interview to The Times and revealed she was suffering psoriasis, which had her depressed, because the people around her did not want to work with her or even touch her. The disease is not contagious and is an autoimmune disease, which can be caused by heredity, diabetes or stress. As Cara, other celebrities like Kim Kardashian have psoriasis and gradually have tried to accept their bodies as they are.

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