PHOTOS: Pronovias launches its new collection of wedding dresses in New York, and they're so beautiful!

The famous brand of wedding dresses triumphed with its collection 'Le Ciel' 2017, which was attended by Louise Roe, Blair Eadie and Vanessa Huppenkothen

Attendees gawked and no wonder; the collection ‘Le Ciel’ from the renowned brand Pronovias, wowed those who watched closely at the beautiful dresses parading through the Prince George Ballroom in New York on Saturday night. The Spanish company, now selling in over 90 countries, has become one of the strongest brands within its scope, and the reason is obvious: the designs, hand produced by French Hervé Moreau, are spectacular!


"Inspired by the magic of a night full of stars, these designs shine with light and become a dream come true for the great day of any bride," says the company about the ‘Le Ciel’ 2017 collection.

VER GALERÍA Blair Eadie in the presentation Atelier Pronovias 2017 in New York. Photo: Xavi Meno

Among the special guests attending were the British presenter Louise Roe, who recently wore a Pronovias dress to marry Mackenzie Hunkin, Blair Eadie, the renowned American fashionista, and model Vanessa Huppenkothen, who wore a spectacular Pronovias Berlin jumpsuit.


"Since I was very young, wedding dresses have always caught my attention. They fascinate me," confessed Moreau, who was named the creative director of Pronovias in 2013 after working more than a decade for Jean-Louis Scherrer. "Being part of this company is a dream come true," confessed the couturier.


The most striking of the Atelier Pronovias 2017 collection is the detail that goes into every dress. Seen up close you can see the amazing embroideries - handmade, of course - that turn dresses into a piece of art rather than a simple garment. "This collection was designed in order to dazzle with its touches of sophistication and tradition. These dresses make brides shine not just by wearing the dress of your dreams, but by living the most memorable day of your life," says the brand.

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