Prince George and Princess Charlotte, tender protagonists of a party in Canada

The children of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge had a lot of fun on their visit to Canada

The youngest of the British Royal Family have conquered everyone on their way through Canada. While the eyes of the people have settled on Prince William and The Duchess of Cambridge, their children stole the attention of the crowds while attending a children's party in which they ceased to be the guests of honor to become the most tender protagonists.


Prince George, three years old, and his sister, Princess Charlotte, year and a half, were the center of attention at the party that offered the Government House of Victoria as special guests.

Charlotte, who arrived in her mom's arms, went straight to the balloons decorating the garden where other children also had fun. "Pop!" Said the little princess, pointing to the colorful balloons that caught her attention, while her brother looked around asking for her mother.


"Do you want a balloon, Charlotte?" Asked Prince William to his daughter as he carried George who began to unwind when he had in his hands a water gun, with which he dipped his little sister!

A group of military families, a total of 24 adults and 24 children of the Military Family Resource Centre, were also invited to the first real and official party attended by the two kids of Prince William.


George and Charlotte shared toys and became had fun with the other small kids. In addition to balloons and games, the garden of the house had a mini zoo where children could play with some animals.

A goat, two miniature horses named Honey and Tc, a sheep and little bunnies also attracted the attention of the little princes. A golden retriever from St John's Ambulance, and a poodle named Moose, completed the funny picture of children playing with animals.


Charlotte had a great time jumping on Moose, showing that Lupo, the family dog, may have the same fate at home. The princess also played with a white and black bunny, stroking it while laughing very happily.

As part of the attraction, the puppeteer Tim Gosley entertained the kids with a small show, accompanied by Cam Culham on guitar. Children also played with a bubble machine that blew very large bubbles and kept their attention for quite a while. To refresh the afternoon, juice was offered as well as tea and coffee for adults. Paper cups for children were decorated with a crown.


This is the second time that George and Charlotte make an appearance during the tour. Fans of the Royal Family were able to see the siblings as they descended from the plane to Victoria last Saturday.

While their parents have been busy in dozens of events, from Vancouver to Bella Bella, George and Charlotte remained in the comfort of the Government House where they stayed in the care of their Spanish nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo.

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