Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, friends again?

The Dj prefers to keep a friendly relationship with his ex before becoming the subject of her next songs

The turmoil that erupted in the lives of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, after finishing their relationship, is calming down. It was the DJ who decided to approach his ex to maintain a friendship, despite the differences that made them stop being a couple. Cautious and with great respect, Calvin waited for Taylor to end her brief relationship with Tom Hiddleston to recontact Swift, who also wants her ex as a friend.


But behind the intentions of Calvin, there is one more reason why he prefers to be in the friendly circle of his ex: “Calvin wants to be friends with Taylor because he makes hits with her and he doesn’t want to be a future hit for her,” Hollywood Life published about this friendly approach. “He doesn’t want to be a punchline and reached out to her to make amends with her. He lives his life mostly drama-free and wants that to continue with his relationship with Taylor even if they don’t return to romance,” says the portal.

As Taylor and Calvin announced that they weren’t a couple anymore, fans of the blonde became excited because they know that her love relationships are the raw material of her songs. For the new album, Swift also have a lot of inspiration to write about the brief courtship she had with Tom Hiddleston, which started out just two weeks after leaving Calvin.


It was her split with the actor that motivated Calvin to contact Taylor, regretting their media struggle, their conversations, which have been only via text messages have been very kind. Perhaps that is why Taylor was very happy during New York Fashion Week singing “This is What You Came For,” the song that generated problems for the couple that led them to end their relationship.

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