Britney Spears played 'Cupid'! She wanted her sister, Jamie Lynn, and Taylor Lautner to date

The singer tried to arrange a meeting between the actor from 'Twilight' and her younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears

Britney Spears and her sister, Jamie Lynn, share a very close relationship, so much that a few years ago, the singer was looking for the perfect match for her younger sister and saw Taylor Lautner as the perfect candidate. Convinced that the pair would make a very cute couple, the singer wanted to play Cupid and arranged a meeting between them, but her efforts never culminated.


It was Taylor himself who confessed that a few years ago he almost went out with the youngest Spears. His secret was revealed by Scream Queens co-star, John Stamos, who during an interview told that detail from the Twilight actor’s past. "Once Britney Spears tried to arrange a meeting between Taylor and her sister," John said, and intimidated Taylor replied: "It was a few years ago. But in the end nothing happened."

Jamie Lynn, best known for her role in Zooey 101, became a mother at age 16, but the relationship with the father of her daughter, Maddie, did not prosper. Currently, the actress is married to Jamie Watson, 33 years old  businessman.


Promoting the second season of Scream Queens has been very embarrassing for Taylor, he has had to endure his co-stars revealing details of his love life. A few weeks ago, Lea Michele forced him to confess that the song Back to December by Taylor Swift, was inspired by the brief relationship that both shared a couple of years ago.

"I do not know why you want to talk about this," he said a little flushed, but finally accepted the lyrics that the blonde wrote, were related to the days they spent together. "That's what she does ... She writes songs," he said without delving into the details of the courtship he had with the singer.

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