Kate Middleton is named 'top fashion influencer'

The Duchess of Cambridge has the greatest influence on fashion sales in England

That she was one of the most influential fashion icons in the world was something we all knew, but it is now a fact! Every time Kate Middleton wears something, it disappears from stores in just minutes. This phenomenon - known as the 'Kate effect' - was confirmed by a recent survey in England.

The Duchess visit the Truro Cathedral in England. © Getty Images

According to research conducted by Rautken Marketing, the royal is the fashionista with the greatest influence in the UK. With more than 29% of the vote, she has a huge influence on women making fashion purchases. It’s not really surprising that she took the first place, since no other celebrity achieves what the 'Kate effect' does - there are even many websites that recreate the looks of Prince William’s wife.

Prince William and his wife visit Luton, England. © Getty Images

The second place was for actress and singer Rita Ora, who scored high in the age group between 16-24 years. Emma Watson ranked third, and Ellie Goulding fourth. London Fashion Week is about to start, but even though all eyes will be on the catwalk, the survey revealed that social media influence buys from women than fashion shows.

Kate in Royal Ascot. © Getty Images

If there was any doubt that Kate is one of the most inspiring fashionistas of the world, there is now strong evidence!

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