Opening Gala Of The San Sebastian Film Festival 2021
San Sebastian International Film Festival

Antonio Banderas and his daughter Stella make an appearance at San Sebastian Film Festival

The pair reunited on the red carpet, with Stella supporting her dad’s new film

The San Sebastian International Film Festival kicked off this Friday, September 18th, featuring some of the biggest stars of Spanish cinema. Among them were Antonio Banderas and his daughter, Stella, who accompanied him for the premiere of his film “Competencia Oficial.”

Opening Ceremony - Red Carpet - 69th San Sebastian Film Festival©GettyImages
Antonio and Stella Banderas walk the red carpet of the 69th San Sebastian Film Festival.

Antonio and Stella looked amazing together, wearing elegant black outfits. Antonio wore a traditional suit while Stella wore a form-fitting dress that she paired with black heels.

Opening Ceremony - Red Carpet - 69th San Sebastian Film Festival©GettyImages
Antonio and Stella Banderas looked happy to be together.

Antonio looked proud and happy to be with his 24-year-old daughter, supporting him on the release of his new film. “Competencia Oficial” reunites Banderas with his long-time collaborator Penelope Cruz and it’s one of the most awaited releases of the year. Banderas and Cruz have worked in a variety of films together, including “Dolor y Gloria” and “Los Amantes Pasajeros.” Both are frequent collaborators of Pedro Almodovar, one of the most renowned filmmakers in the world.

Stella Banderas has also been working hard at starting her own businesses, including a line of fragrances called Lightbound, which she introduced via Instagram. “I’ve put all my love and energy into @thisislightbound and am so excited to share the space on the site as well as the first product - a genderless, handcrafted, and sustainably packaged perfume oil reminiscent of and inspired by my intertwined upbringing between Málaga and Los Angeles,” Stella wrote.

Melanie Griffith, Stella’s mother, posted about the father and daughter reunion over Instagram. “Father and daughter ♥️♥️♥️ Stella and Antonio on the red carpet at San Sebastian Film Festival,” Melanie wrote. While the couple divorced in 2015, they were together for 18 years and credit their love for their daughter as the reason why they’re still close to this day.

In an appearance on the show “El Break de las 7,” Banderas spoke about Griffith and their relationship, and only had positive things to say. “We gave our best and lived wonderful moments that I will not forget. We had a wonderful daughter that we both love and that is the end result of our relationship, the most beautiful thing we have ever done together.”

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