Nicolle Gil marries Iñigo Ariño in Madrid - exclusive pictures

Nicolle Gil marries Iñigo Ariño in Madrid - exclusive pictures

Don’t miss the beautiful photos and the interview that Julián Gil and his daughter shared on their most exciting day!

Congratulations to Nicolle Gil and her husband, Iñigo Ariño! Julian Gil’s daughter was married in a catholic ceremony today September 10th, two years after their civil wedding on October 1st, 2019.

The long-awaited religious wedding had to be postponed due to an unexpected and incredibly difficult battle the groom had to endure due to cancer from which he was fortunately victorious.The bride looked radiant walking down the isle next to her father on this very special day. She was wearing a princess style dress with a heart-shaped neckline and revealing a bare back under embroidered tulle with 3D flowers from the fashion house Pronovias, a glamorous ensemble of perfect proportions that integrated heavy and detailed embroidery. The elegant groom waited at the altar dressed by Euromoda, a Puerto Rican brand.

We had the chance to chat with the ecstatic bride and her proud father, famous actor Julian Gil a few hours before the big event on this very emotional and unforgettable day.

“With our wedding, we are not only celebrating our love, we are also celebrating life. I’m happy.” –Nicolle–
Nicolle Gil marries Iñigo Ariño in Madrid - exclusive pictures©Hola
Photo: CHEPE @chepejose


Nicolle, before anything else, how is Iñigo doing after the terribly difficult battle he had to endure these past months?
Yours is a true love story. When your partner fell ill, you chose to stay and fight this cruel battle with him instead of running away like it often happens in life. Did the idea of abandoning him ever cross your mind?
HOLA! USA Digital Cover Julian Gil©Hola
Photo: CHEPE @chepejose

Did you ever doubt that this long awaited day would come?
How are you feeling on you big day?

Julian Gil Hija se casa Portada Digital HOLA! USA©Hola
Foto: CHEPE @chepejose

Why did you feel the need to seal this love with a religious ceremony?
Till death do us part? That’s a huge commitment!
What are you most looking forward to on such a very special day?
HOLA! USA Digital Cover Julian Gil©Hola
Photo: CHEPE @chepejose

With so many men on this planet, what was so special about this particular one that made you realize he was the love of your life?
Julian Gil boda de si hija Nicolle Gil Portada Digital HOLA! USA©Hola
Photo: CHEPE @chepejose

Are you ready to have kids?
Why did you choose this particular church for you wedding?
How did you choose your dress?
And what can you tell me about your flower bouquet?
HOLA! USA Digital Cover Julian Gil©Custom
Photos: CHEPE @chepejose

How would you describe your wedding bands?
Your wedding reception will take place in El Campillo, a country estate near the historical town of El Escorial, a 40 minute drive away from Madrid.
What advice did you receive from you father for such a special day?
HOLA! USA Digital Cover Julian Gil©Custom
Foto: CHEPE @chepejose


Julian, how are you experiencing these precious moments with your first-born child here in Madrid?
This experience must be even more meaningful after witnessing your daughter’s suffering because of her husband’s recent illness.
What do you think you’ll feel the moment you walk you daughter down the isle?
Are you closing a chapter in your life?
“I would love for her [Valeria] to be the one to catch my daughter‘s bouquet.” –Julián–
HOLA! USA Digital Cover Julian Gil©Hola
Photo: CHEPE @chepejose

Your son Julian just got engaged. Are you afraid your girlfriend Valeria will get the “itch” (as they say) and tell you you’re next?
On such a special occasion for your family, I’m sure little Matias will be greatly missed.
Are you excited with the idea of experiencing your daughter’s wedding with Valeria?
Will your daughter hand her bridal bouquet to Valeria?
HOLA! USA Digital Cover Julian Gil©Hola
Photo: CHEPE @chepejose

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