Chyno Miranda y Natasha Araos

Chyno Miranda finally confirms rumors that he and Natasha Araos are separated

Amid separation rumors, the singer accepted to have been disrespectful to his wife

After rumors about their separation, Chyno Miranda and Natasha Araos confirmed the news via Instagram. The Venezuelan couple posted a video addressing the end of their marriage.

“We’ve not been together as a couple for more than a year,” confirmed Chyno in a joint statement with Natasha. “This part of the video gives me a lot of feeling. I have to confess it and be honest with everyone. I disrespected her as a wife, I disrespected my home too,” the singer stated.

In the comments of his publication, Chyno accepts to have been unfaithful to his then wife. “Despite everything and the disrespect I did to her, we continue to support each other and take care of our beautiful son.”

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Chyno made mention of the allegations Natasha was subjected. They stated that she was with him all along during his recovery process from the peripheral neuropathy and COVID-19. She never abandoned him.

“We are hurt by those people who believed the false accusations that have been said about Natasha. It’s all a lie, she’s been with me since day one,” Chyno said.

Esposa de Chyno Miranda©@tashie_net
Chyno aseguró que bloqueará y borrará los comentarios de las personas que hablen mal de ellos o con cosas falsas

Natasha thanked Chyno for his words, “We have lived very hard times as a couple, as a family. Because of what happened between us and Jesus’ (Chyno) health. I never doubted that he was going to be back and healthy,” she commented.

I want you to know that I am proud of the family we have. From our love we have a spectacular son. Despite the fact that Jesus and I will take different paths, we are going to be the best team to give our son a healthy, calm and happy life.”

Esposa de Chyno Miranda©@tashie_net
Chyno y Natasha son padres de Lucca

With tears in his eyes, Chyno concluded: “We ask for your consideration and respect during this difficult situation.” Natasha added: ”Just as we have been super honest with you at all times, we ask for your respect in this very intimate moments.”

Chyno y Natasha©@tashie_net
Chyno y Natasha aseguraban que todo estaba en orden

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