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Lisa Rinna throws shade at daughter Amelia’s boyfriend Scott Disick

“Why can’t it be Harry Styles?”

Lisa Rinna isn’t going to keep hiding her feelings about her daughter’s boyfriend.

On Wednesday, August 26, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star finally revealed some of the feelings she’d been harboring about her daughter Amelia Hamlin’s relationship with Scott Disick.

During this week’s episode, the mother of two weighed in on her other daughter Delilah Hamlin’s romance with Love Island star Eyal Booker. As she explained in the clip, Lisa and her husband Harry Hamlin’s impression of the pair’s relationship continues to improve, especially following the duo making it to two years in May.

“Harry’s made it quite clear that he would not object if Delilah and Eyal got married, which is pretty shocking, but that says a lot,” Lisa told the camera before throwing in some shade about Scott, “I can’t say the same for Amelia at this point now.”

After that, Lisa expanded on her commentary about her 20-year-old daughter and the 38-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, who have been dating for almost a year now.

“Like, why can‘t it be Harry Styles?” Lisa asked the camera. “Why the f**k is it Scott Disick?”

Fans were definitely surprised to hear Rinna speak so candidly about her daughter’s relationship with Scott, as she’s seemingly dodged the topic in previous conversations on The Real Housewives.

Earlier this month, Lisa definitely fought back some of her emotions when she responded to Andy Cohen’s question about what she thinks of the pair.

“Listen, I will say this: Amelia’s very happy right now. And you really want your kids to be happy,” Lisa replied at the time. “So Harry and I are very thrilled that she is happy.”

Back in November, a source close to their family told E! News that Lisa and her husband were getting used to the idea of their youngest daughter dating the entrepreneur, but believed “this is just a phase.”

As for Scott, he recently addressed his affinity for younger women, raising eyebrows after dating both Hamlin and Lionel Richie’s then-20-year-old daughter, Sofia Richie. According to the real estate wiz, he’s not only into younger women--that’s just who he attracts.

“Scott, what‘s up with dating much younger women?” Andy Cohen asked during the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion.

“Everybody gets this wrong,” Disick replied. “That I look for young girls, I don’t go out looking for young girls, they happened to be attracted to me because I look young, that’s what I’m telling myself.”

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