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Cher looks back at her iconic romance with Val Kilmer during the 80s

“Younger men weren’t intimidated by older women. But older men in my age category, they weren’t having it,” the singer confessed.

Cher is opening up about her iconic romance with Hollywood star Val Kilmer, admitting they had “unbelievable times” together.

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The 75-year-old singer described her relationship with the actor, falling “madly in love” with him right after they met in the 80s, during a party hosted by Meryl Streep.

“He was so young. Was he 22? What was I? I don‘t know. Thirty-something,” she shared, explaining that their 14-year age difference was a “big deal at the time.”

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She continued, “The truth was if I hadn‘t gone out with younger men, I would have never had a date. Younger men weren’t intimidated by older women. But older men in my age category, they weren’t having it.”

Cher had a strong friendship with Val following their romance, revealing “he‘s like nobody I’ve ever known,” describing him as “exasperating and hysterical. Thrilling and funny,” and someone who didn’t do what anyone else did, “I don’t know how we stayed friends, we just did. We didn’t try. We just were,” she added.

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The artist took a moment to talk about the recently released documentary about the actor’s life, calling him a “Renaissance man” and sharing her thoughts about the film, as she said it shows “the worst things” about his life because ”he wanted to show you who he was.”

Cher confessed they had sweet nicknames for each other, Valus Maximus and Cherus Reprimandus, and recalled all the things about him that made her “hysterical, amazed, hurt, astonished, etc. You are brave and beyond brilliant.‘“

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