Brazilian pop singer Luísa Sonza
Rising star HOLA! USA Exclusive

Meet Brazilian pop singer and music star Luísa Sonza

The Tuparendi native is getting ready to conquer the Hispanic community

Luísa Sonza has been building a career in the entertainment industry since she was seven years old. Now, at 23, the Tuparendi native wants to expand her talent beyond Brazil.

The singer-songwriter, daughter of a rancher, and a schoolteacher began singing at a Gaucho folklore community center in her hometown, a municipality the Rio Grande do Sul. For ten years, she worked as a child singer alongside music group Sol Maior, giving her a taste of what it means to sing for an audience.

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To continue doing what she loves the most, in 2014, she started using YouTube as her virtual stage and began covering songs and publishing them in her channel. Not knowing the impact she would have, Luísa started noticing that her online visibility started to grow until becoming the Brazilian “Queen of Covers.”

In May 2017, Sonza started to pick the fruits from the seeds she planted and signed with Universal Music. Her first single, “Good Vibes,” became a hit, and in July of the same year, she released her second single, “Olhos Castanhos” (Brown Eyes).

Committed to continuing working tirelessly, the singer released her first, self-titled EP, and the following year, the music video of her song “Rebolar” (Twerking) peaked at number on YouTube. Sonza continued releasing music and surprised fans with her first album, Pandora. Now, her second studio album Doce 22 is making headlines, and here at HOLA! USA, we wanted to be part of the celebration and shed light on Luísa’s fantastic career.

Luisa Sonza HOLA! USA Exclusive©@felipegrafias

You started your musical career as a child singer. Were you aware that singing could be your profession, or you saw it as a hobby?
Years later, Brazilians baptized you as the ‘Queen of Covers.‘ Fast forward now; other aspiring singers cover and dance to your songs. What do you make out of all of that?
In May 2017, you released your first single, Good Vibes, and now you just released “Doce 22”. Your second studio album. When you look back at your accomplishments, what comes to your mind?
Tell us about “Doce 22” and the inspiration behind it.

Luisa Sonza HOLA! USA Exclusive©@felipegrafias

Fighting toxic masculinity and promoting women’s empowerment is part of you. Why is it so important?
Spanish-speaking countries adopted Anitta. Would you like to crossover and release music in Spanish?
You have collaborations with Katy Perry, Annita, Danna Paola, among others. Who’s next on your list?
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So let‘s switch a little bit from music to fashion and beauty. Do you see yourself in the future launching a perfume, makeup, or fashion line?
Which message would you like to send to all the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking audience that will be curious after the success of your new album and want to start knowing more about you?