Stormi Webster pretends to ride in a yellow school bus

Kylie Jenner reveals that Travis Scott surprised Stormi with a school bus so she can pretend to ride in one

Needless to say, Twitter is having a field day

The yellow school bus evolved over the 19th century from the first horse drawn “school car” in 1892  into what it is today. Over a century later it’s still picking up and dropping off children all around the world. Those that grew up lower or middle classes, or had working parents likely know what it’s like to step onto a yellow school bus and sit on the hard leather seats with no seat belts. Or what it’s like to chase after one and have your flute fall out of it’s cage and roll down the hill. Needless to say, unless it was for sports or a school field trip, riding the bus was never a “cool” thing to do, which is why people were shocked to find out that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott surprised their daughter Stormi Webster with a big yellow school bus so she can pretend to ride in it. Kylie shared a series of photos people are calling tone-deaf with the explanation, “all Stormi has been talking about is riding a yellow bus. Daddy surprised her.”

Stormi Webster pretends to ride in a yellow school bus©Kylie Jenner
Travis Scott wasn’t going to deny Stormi the experience of riding. a yellow school bus
Stormi Webster©Kylie Jenner
Not everyone wants to ride in a school bus but Stormi dreamed of it.

Stormi has been trending on Twitter with people debating the situation. Yellow school buses are literally everywhere when kids are growing up- toys, television shows, decorations- so of course, Stormi is interested. Plus, she didn’t ask to be born into fame and it’s not her fault she won‘t ever be able to ride in a school bus outside of her property. Considering the complete mayhem that would happen if Stormi boarded a public yellow school bus without security, it’s unlikely she would ever have the opportunity. A lot of kids get bullied for having to ride the bus to school so if Stormi wanting to ride the bus makes riding the bus a little cooler then that would be great. See some of the best reactions on Twitter below:

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