Sister Sister

Serena and Venus Williams worked out and took a walk down memory lane together on Instagram live

The tennis pros laughed and reminisced together on ‘Wellness With Venus.’

Serena and Venus Williams are two of the most talented sisters in tennis history and anytime they are together, it’s a treat. Fans of the tennis pros luckily got to witness the two working out together yesterday when Venus hosted her ongoing Instagram Live series titled ‘Wellness With Venus’ and had her younger sister on as a guest.

The two went through a full-body workout routine during the latest episode while Venus asked Serena viewer questions. For their social media appearance, Venus wore a matching pink and blue workout set from her Carbon38 x EleVen by Venus Williams collection, that showed off her abs, and a white hat. While Serena opted for an all-black look and matching sneakers.

The live Instagram workout was held at Serena’s home and Venus revealed that as soon as she walked in, her three-year-old niece Olympia wanted to play with her. “So I got the house and Olympia right away said, ‘Come play with me!’ She jumped in and she got so upset that I couldn’t play because I was doing Instagram Live,” said Venus.

Once the sisters finished their sweaty workout, Venus asked Serena a few questions that the followers tuning in wanted to know.

“When you’re doing your on-court interview before you walk on the court what are you thinking?‘ asked Venus. ’“I don’t wanna do this,” and then I think, sometimes I think: ”Okay, don’t say that,” ‘cause I’m, I’ll say anything.’ I try to stay professional,’” answered Serena.

In addition to the question and answer portion, the sisters also took a stroll down memory lane rehashing monumental times in their lives. Serena spoke about her win at the 1999 US Open.

“I knew I was gonna win before the tournament started. I just had this sixth sense that I was gonna win this tournament. It was nothing that could stop me,” she said.

The tennis pro continued on the live saying, “And so then I had to like overreact. I was like ‘Okay, I’m gonna cry ‘cause I should be crying, right?’ But it wasn’t like that emotional for me, because it was like ‘Okay, I got this and I already knew I had it.’”