Lizzo and Cardi B

Lizzo starts a spicy NSFW rumor about her and Cardi B to promote their new song ‘Rumors’

It’s the first single Lizzo has released in 2 years

Cardi B is featured on Lizzo’s new single “Rumors” out Friday, August 13th at midnight and they want to make sure you’re ready for the heat. It’s the first single Lizzo has released in 2 years and fans were eager to see who the special artist was that she collaborated with when she first made the announcement. Lizzo has been really feeling the name of the song because earlier this month she started a rumor that she is pregnant with Chris Evan’s baby. Plus, on Wednesday, August 11th Lizzo decided to start another rumor in honor of its release and shared a photo of the single’s artwork with the caption, “Fun fact: we took this picture right after cardi whispered ‘I want to eat yo p***y’ in my ear.” Lizzo did not use *** in her caption, but you get the idea. She added a bunch of crying laughing emojis and “RUMORS’ THIS FRIDAY🤫🔥 YOU READY?” Cardi B responded back in the comments going along with the “fun fact.” “Lmmmmaaaoooo I wonder if the cameraman caught that part 😩😩😩😂.” she wrote.

It’s the first time the hip hop divas are collaborating and they both have large and loyal fan bases eager to hear and see them together. “Two beautiful queens working together ugh I love to see it,” one user wrote in the comments. Influencer Leah V quipped, “No no no nooooooo🔥🔥🔥 don’t do this to meeeeeeee. I can’t have my hijab snatched off again.”

Cardi B shared a sneak peek of the song on YouTube and the 3 seconds you can hear sounds pretty catchy. According to the signer “Rumors the hottest thing out tonight.” The short snipped has already been viewed 3.2 million times.

If you’re interested, Lizzo announced through a lemon face filter that she and Cardi B are going live tonight on YouTube before the music video drops at 11:45 PM ET/8:45 PM PT.