Eva Longoria
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Eva Longoria is in the process of developing a new Latinx comedy for ABC

The actress is adamant about showing more representation in TV and film projects.

Eva Longoria has spoken out about the lack of Latinx representation on television. After the more recent Latinx show, ‘The Baker and the Beauty’ was not renewed for a second season, fans were outraged, including Longoria.

The 46-year-old wrote on Instagram at the time, “Well I’m sure you heard that @abcnetwork cancelled @bakerandthebeauty yet another show with an entire Latino cast!,” Longoria said. “This is bad news for the Latino community! Why doesn’t @abcnetwork give it more of a chance for our gente to find the show?! And ‘gente’ where are you guys? Show up and get loud. Representation matters on television! This was a sweet show about a good family! And one of the only Latino shows out there! We need this show to find another home!”

Now, the same network that Longoria called out for canceling the show will soon be home to her new series. The actress is currently working on a series about a large Mexican-American family in Texas. “The multi-generational comedy is about an upper-middle-class family handling grief, identity and a reevaluation of their roles after the death of their patriarch, according to Deadline. The show will be a half hour series airing on ABC, according to Hip Latina.

The 46-year-old and her production company, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, are working with Grace Parra Janney and Josh Bycel. Longoria said in a statement, “I’ve been a huge fan of Josh’s work since our time together on Telenovela and Grace and I share similar ‘Texican’ backgrounds. At UnbeliEVAble we are always pushing to tell real and authentic stories so I’m particularly proud to share one that is not unlike my own family’s experience.”

This won’t be the last Latinx project Longoria is working on. She is also making her directorial debut for the film, ‘Flamin’ Hot’ which is about the inventor of Hot Cheetos.