Charlize Theron and her daughters

Charlize Theron fearlessly jumps off a yacht with her daughters Jackson and August

The brave mom led the way

Charlize Theron’s daughters are fearless just like mom. On Tuesday, August 3rd the actress shared a rare video with her girls casually jumping from the top of a yacht into a blue ocean. While the water was there to break the fall, the height they jumped from was still impressive. Charlize stood in the middle and took Jackson and August’s hands confidently as they jumped at the same time with their toes pointed towards the water. The epic video was in slow motion for an added dramatic touch. It was a daring jump that has been viewed over 1.8 million times on her profile, Chelsea Handler was a fan and commented, “Yeah, baby. Get it. Love.”

Theron is notorious for keeping her life private, especially when it comes to her kids. The single mom first adopted Jackson who was born a male in 2012. When Jackson turned 3 she corrected her mother after she referred to her as a boy, “I am not a boy!” Jackson said. Charlize told DailyMail in 2019 from then on out she has raised her eldest child as a girl. “[My kids] were born who they are and exactly where in the world both of them get to find themselves as they grow up, and who they want to be, is not for me to decide,” she explained. “My job as a parent is to celebrate them and to love them and to make sure that they have everything they need in order to be what they want to be. And I will do everything in my power for my kids to have that right and to be protected within that,” Charlize added.

Charlize Theron hijas; Jackson y August©@charlizeafrica
Jackson and August Theron

Charlize adopted August in 2015 who was born in America. TMZ reported at the time that she worked with an adoption agency for 6 months and took custody of the newborn in July.

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