Diddy finally reveals why he posted that throwback pic with J.Lo

“It wasn’t no trolling involved”

Following Jennifer Lopez’s breakup from fiancé Alex Rodriguez, the singer has been living her best life while flaunting her rekindled romance with her ex from nearly two decades ago, Ben Affleck.

While it seems like it’s been a lifetime since the news broke that Bennifer was back, it’s only been a few months, and there are still some unanswered questions from the whirlwind news cycle surrounding J.Lo’s love life. With all of the pandemonium surrounding her romance with Ben Affleck, fans may have forgotten that another ex actually tried to work their way back into her life post-breakup: Diddy.

Following reports that the actress had spent time with both Affleck and her ex-husband, Marc Anthony, after her split from A-Rod, the music industry mogul entered the conversation, posting a throwback picture from when they dated more than 20 years ago. Of course, a lot of people saw this as Diddy shooting his shot, and though he didn’t comment any further at the time, he’s finally addressing why he decided to post the photo.

In a new interview with Vanity Fair, the businessman touched on that throwback photo he shared in late May, right as Bennifer part two began to make headlines.

Though the timing of the post obviously raised some eyebrows, Diddy claims that wasn’t his intention at all. As the rapper told the publication, it was just a “throwback from a great time in his life.”

He went on to note that fans should not be expecting a rekindling of the infamous Diddy-J.Lo romance, which went down from circa 1999 to 2001. “It wasn’t no trolling involved,” Diddy told Vanity Fair. “That’s just my friend. And I don’t have nothing to say about her relationship or her life.”

The entrepreneur went on to describe how his outlook on both love and life changed after the untimely passing of ex and mother of three of his kids, Kim Porter, in 2018. He also explained that if he were to ever get married, it would’ve been to the late model.

“And so, you know, I had to start to deal with it when I lost Kim,” he told the outlet. “‘Cause I was like, man, you had it. I’m not saying I would do any of it differently. God willing—I would have had more time. I look at my life as, ‘I got a second chance.’ I’m on my second mountain.