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Kristen Bell said it’s a good thing that her daughter has the same name as the new Delta variant

The actress spoke about the name coincidence on her podcast.

As the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues, the new delta variant of the virus has been making headlines for a few weeks now, causing concern in people. While most people are not thinking about the name of the new variant, Kristen Bell sure is.

One of Bell’s children that she shares with husband Dax Shepard is named Delta Bell and the actress admitted that her name is a “big bummer” right now. While on her podcast, “We Are Supported By,” the actress jokingly said she is starting to regret her daughter’s name choice.

On Wednesday’s episode, Bell’s co-host Monica Padman was the one who brought up the name coincidence when she asked the 41-year-old, “Can I ask you a real talk question — how do you feel about Delta‘s name being Delta right now?”

Bell replied saying, ‘It’s a big, big bummer. But I’m really hoping that the delta variant won’t be as strong as the original COVID and people will still say corona. She’s six so she’s impressed every time she sees a Delta Airlines ad or anything.”

“She‘s like ‘Oh my gosh, my name!’ So every time she hears anyone talk about the variant, she’s like ’My name!’ So she’s still excited about it.’”

‘The Boss’ actress is looking at the name coincidence from a positive perspective. “Maybe it‘s a good thing, because her life’s really easy, because she’s privileged and she’s got a little charisma,“ Bell said.

“She‘s a little ball of magic and she gets away with everything because of that, so she can either give you puppy dog eyes or make you laugh and because of that her life is too easy. So maybe she does need this to follow her around forever.”

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