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Selena Gomez and her little sister Gracie shared an adorable moment on TikTok

The sisters post a recreation of an iconic scene from Full House.

Selena Gomez and her little sister Gracie went on TikTok to post a recreation of an adorable and iconic scene from Full House.

In the clip, Selena, who just turned 29, and Gracie, who is 8, sit next to each other and recreate the moment in Full House where sisters D.J. and Stephanie argue about who is better. Selena and Gracia lip-sync along to the lines of the characters, arguing about who’s older, who’s taller, who’s smarter until Gracie, playing the role of Stephanie, ends the argument by saying “I’m not falling for that.” The clip has over 2 million likes.

Selena Gomez Ticktok©Selena Gomez

Gomez, who usually posts on social media platforms to promote her work, has taken a liking to TikTok, where she has a total of 51 videos. Her account has had a lot of success from followers, with her posting clips of dance challenges, behind-the-scenes looks at her music videos, and even one instance where she makes fun of an interview of herself when she was younger and was wearing a pink wig for a Teen Vogue party.

The celebration was intimate and made up of close friends, who decorated the place with custom-made balloons and big water slides. When her friends and family sang “Happy birthday,” a source that spoke to E! News said Selena had a “huge smile on her face” and made sure to let friends and guests know how grateful and appreciative she was of them.

Selena published no photos of the party but she did upload a post saying thank you to all of her followers for the positive thoughts and wishes. “For my birthday this year, I would be so grateful if you’re able to donate to the Rare Impact Fund which helps to provide mental health services to those who need it most,” she wrote on her post.

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