Angela Aguilar

Ángela Aguilar saves her dog Gordo and jumps into the pool fully clothed

The singer acted quickly

When it comes to fur children, you will do anything you need to help them, even if it means jumping into a pool fully clothed. On Thursday July 15th Ángela Aguilar turned into a doggie lifeguard to save her pug “Gordo.” While most dogs know how to swim, pugs can have a bit of a harder time staying afloat so Aguilar didn’t think twice about jumping in to save her baby. While the rescue was not caught on camera, one of her friends did film the aftermath of Aguilar laying on the ground laughing in soaking wet in overalls, with her shoes still on and all of her jewelry.

Ángela Aguilar©Ángela Aguilar
Ángela Aguilar

The singer just got the puppy so Gordo is still learning his limitations, Plus with the heat who can blame him for trying to take a dip. Aguilar wrote “Gordo jumped in the pool and I threw myself in for him,” and had the song “Al Agua Pato” by Hugo Midon and Carlos Gianni playing with the video. She also shared a picture of a wet Gordo who didn’t even know his life flashed before his eyes.

Angela Aguilar©angela_aguilar_

The 17-year-old singer comes from a family of dog lovers, at their ranch, EL Soyate, they have more than 10 dogs that they have adopted, per BandaMax. But it’s clear the little black pug is her favorite, on May 22nd she shared an adorable photo with Gordo with the caption “happy with my baby.” Thank goodness she was there to save the pup!