Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster's cutest matching outfits.
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Kylie Jenner says Stormi has a secret brand launching soon and her own office where she gets business done

Stormi is ready to write CEO on her resume in crayon

Kylie Jenner is giving fans an inside look into her life as a young entrepreneur taking over the beauty industry. In the second of a three-part YouTube docuseries called Inside Kylie Cosmetics Brand Kylie explains that she has brought her and Travis Scott’s 3-year-old daughter Stormi Webster to the office over the years so she can be surrounded by “strong women.” Plus, she even has her own office and has a “little secret brand” launching soon.

Kylie and Stormi©Inside Kylie Comestics
Kylie and Stormi

In the series, Kris says she comes from a long line of entrepreneurial women, and that her grandmother owned a store called the “Candelabra.” Kris’ mother Mary Joe followed in her footsteps and didn’t stop working until she was 82. “Stormi has such strong women, and men, in her life, but she has a lot of strong women to look up to. I think it was just a no-brainer for me and my mom and my team to just be surrounded by strong women,” the beauty mogul explains.

Being surrounded by strong women has proven to be successful when it comes to the Kardashians/Jenners because every single one of Kris’s children has some type of business to call their own, and soon Stormi will too. “Kylie goes to work with Stormi and Stormi loves it. She just absorbs it,” Kris says proudly as Stormi runs through the Kylie Cosmetics‘ office where she has her own room to play. But it’s not all fun and games, Kylie says “she has her own office where she gets all her business done.” The 23-year-old added, “she’s actually launching a little secret brand soon that we’ve been working on for a while.”

We will have to wait and see what the secret brand is but it‘s not Stormi’s first project. Kylie Cosmetics’ first collaboration of 2020 was with Stormi and featured some of her favorite things at the time like shades of purple and butterflies. Plus, Kylie also announced in June that KylieBaby is coming and Stormi is its first brand ambassador.

In the series the 65-year-old momager also talks about watching her daughter and grandchild, praising Kylie’s mothering skills. “She gives me so much joy, watching her with Stormi. I’ve never seen anything like it. She’s so patient. She could be in the middle of the most important thing in her life at that moment and if Stormi walks into the room and says, ‘Mommy, I need you,’ she will put that on hold and turn all of her attention to her daughter,“ Kris says proudly.

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