Jill Biden joins ‘Sesame Street’ to help military families tell kids about race, kindness, and more

“I’m proud to be an upstander”

Every first lady since Barbara Bush--with the exception of Melania Trump--has stopped by Sesame Street, and now, it’s Jill Biden’s turn.

In an effort to build on her agenda of supporting military families, Dr. Biden has joined forces with turquoise Rosita, the bilingual Mexican-American Muppet and a longtime cast member of America’s beloved children’s educational TV show.

Just like the First Lady of the United States, Rosita grew up in a military family. Now, the two of them have joined forces to talk about Rosita’s life as a military child, how kids should be proud of who they are no matter their background, and how to be an “upstander” with kind words for everyone.

“I was just thinking of all the things that make me proud to be me – it’s a little project I’m doing with my military-kid friends,” Rosita tells Biden in a clip of the video, according to USA TODAY.

The video is going to be released on Youtube on Monday to help promote a new collection of resources launched by Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit organization behind “Sesame Street,” to help military and veterans‘ families tap into “the rich diversity” of the military community to talk about race with young children.

Rosita goes on to say that she is “so proud” her “papi” serves in the military and she’s proud to be Mexican-American.

“And there’s another thing I am very proud of, Dr. Biden, actually I just learned it, that I am an upstander,” she says. “That means I use kind words and actions to stand up for myself and my friends.”

“Wow, you know what? I’m proud to be an upstander, too,” Biden responds. “It’s important to treat everyone we meet with kindness and fairness and respect. If we see someone being treated unfairly, we should stand up for them.

Military people are some of the “kindest, bravest people I know,” Biden says, as the two end their exchange with trilled exclamations of “We love you!”

“In a military kid’s world, it’s common to see people of all races and backgrounds living, working and playing together,“ said Jeanette Betancourt, senior vice president of social impact for Sesame Workshop, in a statement.

She continued, “Military parents and caregivers can help their children become good citizens of the world by using that unique opportunity to talk openly about racism and celebrate who they are, inside and out.”

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