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New couple alert

Drake gets more serious with his girlfriend, becomes a mentor to her son

According to reports, the couple has been dating for months.

Drake and Johanna Leia’s romance seems to be getting more serious. Drake and Johanna have been spending more time together, with Drake mentoring Leia’s son, the basketball player Amari Bailey.

Drake and Johanna Leia were recently spotted on a date. The couple was seen having dinner in an empty Dodger Stadium, which, according to TMZ sources, Drake had access to thanks to his sizeable donations to the team.

The couple was located in the third baseline of the stadium and were photographed by a helicopter, capturing their private moment.

Drake and Johanna have been hanging out for months, having met in one of Amari’s basketball games. Amari plays for Sierra Canyon, a high school basketball team where LeBron James’ son, Bronnie James, also plays.

Sources close to the couple say that Amari is approving of Drake and Johanna’s relationship and appreciates Drake’s advice. The basketball player will soon be joining UCLA and Drake has been providing guidance for his finances, fame, and his life overall.

Johanna Leia is the first woman to be romantically linked with Drake in a while. The rapper has been previously linked with a variety of stars, including Jennifer Lopez, Rita Ora, and more.

One much-discussed relationship is the one that exists between Drake and Rihanna, which included many song collaborations and a dramatic declaration of love atop the MTV stage.

While this relationship dragged on for years, it now appears to be over. “We don’t have a friendship now, but we’re not enemies either. It is what it is,” she said in an interview with Vogue. Rihanna is now happily dating A$AP Rocky.

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