Lele Pons y Guaynaa
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Lele Pons’ boyfriend (and her mom) both cheered her up in a hilarious way

The 25-year-old posted the funny video to her Instagram on Thursday.

Lele Pons posted an adorable video of her boyfriend and mom the other day, giving her followers a good laugh. Pons has built her empire not only through her lifestyle videos, but also through her unique humor, which was shown in the social media video she posted.

In the video captioned, “How my boyfriend tries to cheer me up when I’m mad ❤️🥰 (inspired by @hannahstocking) w/ @guaynaa,” Pons’ is seen in bed before turning her phone’s camera to her boyfriend who is dancing shirtless next to her bed. While he’s dancing, the influencer’s mom opened the door in shock at what she walked into.

The video received over five million views with comments reading, “Your mom 😂,” and “Lmfaoooooo she didn’t want no parts 😂😂.” Pons also commented, “ should get my mom an Instagram account 😂😂” and her boyfriend also commented, writing, “I forgot to lock the door!! 😂😂.”

The 25-year-old often posts funny videos of her and her boyfriend such as a recent one of a girl “talking” to her man. While that interaction was going on, the camera panned to Pons where she was acting like she didn’t care, but we knew she really did. The 25-year-old captioned the funny video, “When girls try to flirt with my man😡👀 @guaynaa @hannahstocking @luanabarron.”